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Kelly's Kreation @ Brooklyn

Anyone have experience with them? Found "the one" there but see mixed reviews online.  Please help!!

Re: Kelly's Kreation @ Brooklyn

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    My sister in law is actually friends with Kelly, and I went there with a group of girls when our other sister in law was getting her dress - - they were very professional, friendly and worked so hard to get the dress ready and altered in a ridiculously short amount of time...A+ for Kellys Kreation!
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    Thanks!  Glad to see your response, Rachael7183!
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    Run away!!! I don't know how this lady is still in business, my fsil bought her dress here and had all of us bridesmaids order our dresses here. She measured everyone wrong and ordered the wrong sizes, she refused to take responsibility for her mistake and told all of us that we "gained a lot of fat". Just an FYI if you don't speak itialian expect them (the whole shop) to talk about you in itialian but insist that they aren't, I know for a fact that they did this because I happened to go for one of my fittings with someone who understands itialian and me afterwards what they were saying. After all the alterations were done and I picked up my dress I still had to take it to my own seamstress because the hem was wrong and the dress was falling apart (the stocked were coming out all over). I wish I could say it was just me, but all of the bridesmaids had problems, the mother of the bride had problems, and so did the bride. Kelly ordered the mob's dress in the wrong color and refused to exchange it for the right one! She promised the bride (my fiancé's sister) that certain alterations and changes could be made to the dress, no problem then when the dress came in changed her story. Not only did she change her story she insisted that she never said that the changes could be made!! Fsil said that Kelly's caused so much stress that if she had the choice of dealing with Kelly again or eloping she would elope. Good luck!
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    DONT DO IT!!!!!

    outta the 3 people i know who have gotten there dresses there, not one person had a good experience.  one of the girls actually told me she was in tears and looking for back up dresses off the rack 2 weeks before her wedding cause her dress STILL wasnt in. she finally got her dress the morning of.

    i heard the same story from every girl, kelly is sweet as can be  but once she gets your money she is MIA and gets very nasty when things go wrong.
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    Stay away. We got dresses there for my SILs wedding and the dresses were promised in July, then August, then Sept, it was an early Nov wedding and they finally came in 2 weeks before hand. And I agree, they do nothing but talk about you in Italian.
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