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How Much is Appropriate?

Just checking in to get opinions on monetary amounts for tips. Our Priest whop is a family friend. We are already paying $500.00 to use the church for the ceremony. How much should we give him? Singers- Our 4 singers are actualy the family I used to nanny for in college.Both aprents and 2 daughters ages 16 and 12. I already purchased necklaces for the girls and a $50 gift card for Maggionos for the aprents. Organist- another family friend , who is also a nun, who volunteered to do our music. I was thinking a gift card for $50 to her favprite clothing store or restaraunt? Just looking for some feedback. We have spent about $120 per person on our 12 person wedding party and about $150 on each set of parents for their parents gifts. Any suggestions are great:) Thanks!

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