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Low Key Bachelorette Party

Hi, for my bachelorette party, we are just looking to go to a fairly tame dinner and out for drinks afterwards.  My mom, aunts, etc. will be along for the dinner.  We want something different and fun--a little off the beaten path.  We're considering Max Brenner (chocolate restaurant).  Any other ideas?  Thanks ladies!

Re: Low Key Bachelorette Party

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    OOoooh that sounds great! I'm from Canada, but my fiancee is from the Bronx....I'm trying to come up with ideas myself...the best thing I've come up with is a Sex in the City (even tho i don't watch the show) idea of just basically hanging out! Getting the nails done/pedicures/facials....dressing up all fabo and heading out for dinner!
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    For a great meal you should check out Txikito.  I recently went to two unconventional bachelorette parties, one was   Drag queen bingo and the other was a private chocolate making event.
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