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City Winery? Other NYC venues?

Hi folks,
My fiance and I have looked at 15 venues already and are completely lost. We really liked City Winery but are apprehensive bc it's not a traditional wedding venue and we haven't found any reviews online. Has anyone been to a wedding here? I like it becuase it's unique and non-traditional, but at the same time it can be dressed up to be more formal. The space fits the bill but I want to make sure the service/food/transitions btwn ceremony and reception are up to par with the more traditional spaces.

Any insights would be very helpful! Or other venue options in Manhattan for 140 guests (Sat night preferred) under $200 pp would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Re: City Winery? Other NYC venues?

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    I've never been to a wedding at City Winery but I have been there for an event.  The food and service were alright but nothing to write home about.  Have you looked into Abigail Kirsch at Stage 6 at Steiner Studio, Union Square Ballroom, the restaurant Daniel, the Loeb Central Park Boat House, Millesime, Sunset Terrace, Twenty Four Fifth?  For some of these locations you may have to ask for Friday or Sunday in order to keep it under $200.
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    If you're open to the outer boroughs, check out Roulette on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn which is a newly restored Art Deco theater (decorated reliefs on the balcony, hardwood floors, etc.). There's not yet an exclusive caterer... Check it out. 
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    What's the story with Millesme? The Carlton looks promising, but there's very little info from people who've been married there.
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    Love the idea of City Winery for a wedding. I looked at it for my own but couldnt do it in my budget.  Sounds like you like it because it's non-traditional and also have reservations for the very same reason. Why don't you ask them for a recommendation from someone who has had their wedding there? We did that with our venue (since the caterer/director was pretty new there and we couldn't find any online reviews) and the caterer/director was happy to provide. It really helped us make the decision to go for it with confidence.
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    Thanks all! Good idea to ask City Winery for recommendations from past brides...a friend had suggested asking for contact info for previous brides but i figured that would be against some privacy regulations..

    Will check out Roulette, Sunset Terrace and Daniel (i though i looked at daniel though and it seemed small, no?)

    Has anyone else noticed that when venues say they can accommodate 150 guests, it usually means there's no room for dancing? Ready to be done with the venue shopping and get on to the fun stuff. Looking at Harvard Club this week too, fingers crossed!

    Thanks again for the feedback!
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    Brooklyn Winery in Williamsburg is really nice too - they have a great mezzenine level with vintage decor. 
  • After your venue selection, One and only caterer I would recommend is Creative Foods Catering. I used them last year for my wedding and everything was fantastic. Their cost was fraction of any quotes I received from other caterers. The menu was filled with all upscale items such as Filet Mignon, Salmon, Crab Cakes etc.

    They allowed me to provide liquor (a big money saver!!) they provided bartenders and all other staff. You even choose the staff’s uniform!! We used a raw wedding venue in Manhattan for 150 guests. They even came to our house and my fiancee and I were served the tasting after we selected the menu. What an amazing service.  and it was complimentary!

    Their website is:


    I highly recommend them!!

  • how much was the city winery?? im really interested in that venue.
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