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Hi girls! I figured I would post this here, rather than the local board, because it's always kickin here and I know there are a few NYC ladies here. Anyway, FI and I are headed into Manhattan tomorrow to get our marriage license. We filled out the online application, all good to go. Nowhere on the website does it say that you need a birth certificate. Just wanted to ask if you girls could verify if this is correct, it seems odd to me that we would not need to bring our birth certificates.

Re: NY/NYC knotties

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    Why not just bring them anyways, then it doesnt matter whether you need them or not and you were prepared incase you do.
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    I don't know this, but as an NYC Knottie, I'm curious to know!
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    I know it differs in the boroughs, but on LI I needed a birth certificate and some sort of photo id (drivers license/passport).What do you have to bring?
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    In Westchester I needed our birth certificates. On the NY health dept website it says that you need it, so I definitely would bring them.
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    Thanks girls - I will bring them just to be safe. The only reason I didn't want to is FI is paranoid about stuff like that - losing them or something I guess. Plus my birth certificate was issued in Germany, so I can't imagine the hassle if I had to get a new one. I'll just be extra careful not to get mugged, haha ;)
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