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I am having my engagement pictures taken in the city in July and I only have a few hours with the photographer.  Where are some really great places for engagement pictures and that can also really capture the city.

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    There are lots of great spots in Dumbo, Brooklyn, central park, the NY public library is good, grand central station and times square. Hope this helps. 
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    ditto nina. also if you like skyline shots the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights is lovely. keep in mind though that you and your FH will be the focus of pics, not the background. 
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    I echo the ladies above said. Those are great places. Tried to visit the places b4 ur date.
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    as said before the promenade is great, I esp like the promenade in batter park (less people, actually next to the water). Or coney island/brighton beach could be nice. I also like empire state park in dumbo.

    Maybe you should ask the photographer as well, what will look good lighting wise
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    the fountain at lincoln center is really nice
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