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Prospect park picnic house

Hi everyone!

I'm going crazy trying to find the perfect place for our wedding. I'm looking for the same things a lot of people are looking for in NYC right now. A cool affordable venue, tasty and affordable caterers, and everything else cheapcheapcheap.

I looooove the prospect park picnic house but I have a few issues and questions for anyone who may have had their wedding there! Please help!!

First I'd love some caterer reviews or some ideas on cheaper ones.
Second, parking!! Has anyone who had a wedding here figured out a good plan for guest parking? The nearest garage is far and I wonder if anyone has ever set up a shuttle or something similar?

Thanks everyone!

Re: Prospect park picnic house

  • I'm having my wedding there in a month.  There's parking for 20 or so cars in the Litchfield Villa parking lot which is how people get to the picnic house from prospect park west.  Then depending on how many vendors you have, you get 10 parking permits for the lot directly in front of the picnic house. The caterers all have their own permits, so they don't use up your 10.  Also street parking in the area is not difficult to find.  Not sure how many non-city guests you'll be having that are driving.  Most of my guests are local to the city or from out of town and don't have cars, so it's not really an issue for me.  

    Regarding caterers, the picnic house has a list of about 12 that you have to choose from.  I'm going with Naturally Delicious b/c they provide a wedding planner, but they're not necessarily on the cheaper end.  The Raging Skillet was good, I loved their food and Chef Rossi is awesome and they're willing to work within your budget, but I opted for the higher level of service with Naturally Delicious.

    Also, every caterer and planner I spoke to said that the picnic house's advertised size of fitting 175 for a seated dinner leaves absolutely no dance floor.  They all said that they wouldn't recommend going above 125 for a seated dinner if you plan on dancing too.  You could go up to 150 and have a small dance floor, but 175 is really false. 

  • We looked at the picnic house and really liked it, however, we found the quotes from all their caterers were significantally higher than other caterers, and parking/public transportation was an issue as well. 

    We've found a great venue in Brooklyn, the Bell House, and can bring in any vendor we want. We've saved a bundle by doing this! 
  • HI! Have you thought of the Green building? It's oin Gowanus, between Carroll Gardens and Park Slope. A very pretty building, and a gorgeous inside! I shot a couple of weddings there already. It's very hip.
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