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How long did it take...

for your Bridesmaid dresses to come in?Our wedding is May 8th 2010 (6 1/2 months) and I know there's a slight rush for me to order my dress, but how long do BM dresses take? I'm guessing around 4 months, am I way off?

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    Mine is supposed to take like 12 weeks. So I should probably get to ordering it.
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    I've always been told by brides that I had to order my dress 4-6 months out and I've never had a dress take more than two months (and that was only because they sent the wrong color an it had to go back).
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    3 weeks...thanks David's Bridal!!
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    I got ours from WHBM and they arrived in a couple of weeks.
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    We used David's Bridal so it only took about 3 weeks.
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    My bridesmaids are going to be choosing whatever dress they like from dessy/after six/alfred sung group in Midnight blue. 2 of them will need extra length. Do you think if I tell them to order by Christmas it will be safe? I'll call and ask the store too I guess.
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    I was told the the BM dresses my girls picked out would take 12 weeks. Then they said to allow 3-4 more weeks for alterations. The bridal salon (Alfred Angelo) did say that if a dress was too small or had a problem with the fabric, color ect they would have to order a new dress (a no extra charge) but that it would take another 12 weeks. My wedding dress is suppose to take 18ish weeks.
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    Db sent my moh's dress in about 3 weeks, except it was the wrong size, so then it took an additional 6 weeks (thank god we did that super early).My other bm went in and walked out with a sample the same day (2 days before the wedding).
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    Ours were from Jim Hjelm. They took a little more than 12 weeks to come in.
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    I have the same wedding date, OP.  The store told us "before Thanksgiving" to be safe.  Sometimes orders over the holidays are delayed due to vacations, etc. at the designer.  Also, they apparently have some history with BMs overspending through the holidays and having trouble with the deposit in January.  I don't think the latter will affect my girls, but I told them Thanksgiving as well.  I suspect they'll be ordered by Halloween, actually.
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    My bridesmaids ordered 6 months out and it took 3 months for them to come in. 
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