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Intimate Wedding in 12 weeks?

FI and I are considering pushing our wedding up and getting married in NYC the week between Christmas and New Years. 

We are only inviting parents, siblings and closest of friends (about 20 people total). Both our families live in California and we are currently stationed in Alabama. We've both been to NYC once, separate trips. Mine was for NYE a few years ago and the weather seemed pretty mild, high 40's to low 50's, is that normal for the time of year?

We would love to get married outside in a park (Central Park or otherwise), is this totally crazy for December? Then have a wonderful dinner at a yummy restaurant, preferably with a private room.

Any suggestions are welcome....or just tell me I'm crazy. Thanks!

Re: Intimate Wedding in 12 weeks?

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    With a party that small, I would go to City Hall and then the restaurant.  They redid it about a year ago and it looks really nice.  Maybe Julie will chime in. She did that.  Her bio is amazing. 

    I personally would not want to attend an outdoor wedding in NYC around Christmas.  It's usually freezing.  
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    The weather can be warmer, but as a person who's lived in NY for her entire life, I would not bet on weather nice enough for a ceremony outside. UNLESS it's a very quick ceremony and your guests are all prepared!

    Really, there have been some new year's eve's where it's 20 degrees and some where it's 60.  Last NYE it snowed big happy snowflakes all night.

    Have you thought about doing the ceremony somehwere that overlooks the park? There are a few places that overlook central park that would be nice.  Also, with all the hotels around times square, you could probably do one and have the Times Square view.  Although at NYE will be hard to get hotels.

    That's the other thing, if you haven't booked hotels yet, you have to start.
    I'm getting married on Dec 4th and have had my blocks of rooms for over 6 months.
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    The weather in New York changes on a dime, so I would just plan on it being very cold. Last NYE was toooo bad, prolly in the 20s or so, but the NYE before was bitterly cold at about -5 degrees. In this kind of a situation, you do have to consider your guests, too. Coming from CA, 20 degrees in NY might feel like -20 to them.

    I agree with the PP and would suggest City Hall and then a great restaurant. Our City Hall here is really beautiful and I've seen some people really do up their CH weddings. Also, YES, if this is what you want to do, it's definitely doable, but get on it ASAP. Hotels book u for that time of year up to a year in advance and rates get ridiculous.
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    i have a friend who did the city hall wedding and yes, their pics were gorgeous. i'm also having a small wedding in december, just close family, and the hardest thing we've foudn is hotels, even for small groups.  hotels are all extremely expensive and/or already sold out.   book now!
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    I think it sounds kind of fun and adventurous! Obviously be prepared with many layers, and have a short ceremony. :) You wouldn't need a permit to get married in the park for a group that small. If it's in the middle of the day you'd most likely avoid extreme temps (as opposed to extra chill of nighttime), and you could all bond together in the great outdoors! :)
    Sounds like you could make it work regardless though!
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    The above are blogs specializing in small weddings with links to venues, etc, in NYC.
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