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Hii Guys!! Brooklyn bride to be and my FI is from Staten Island, any recommendations on venues & pricing? Bk is VERY limited as far as venues, we are looking to have approx 3-400 guests.. and need something affordable *trying to stay under $100 if possible.. any input would be appreciated!! thanks!! 


  • Not sure if the following are in your budget but you should check out Nicotra's ballroom, the Gramercy at Lakeside Manor, Riviera, Rosewood caterers and Vanderbilt at South Beach. 
  • Thanks!!!!! I was going to check out Nicotras but im afraid ill fall in love with it and it will be uber expensive... lol..

    anything on the Excelsior Grand? have you ever been a guest there?
  • Nicotras is over that but maybe depending on day/time of year they can work with you. Happy planning! Also, look at the old Bermuda inn.
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  • thanks Paddysgirl. i see youre getting married soon.. congrats!!! how stressed are you???? LOL

  • Snug Harbor is beautiful and around 110 per person.
  • Veelush,

    Never been to the Excelsior Grand.  Remember that the best way to get a better price is to be open about a Friday or Sunday wedding.  Another idea is to have your wedding in the few slow months of the year, Jan - early March.  Good luck!
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    Veelush, thank you! I am so stressed out. Anxiety is second nature right now lol
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  • Hi! I'm actually getting married at Snug Harbor next year. I fell in love with it - you should definitely look into it. I think they can hold 350 people also. Message me if you have any other questions about it!
  • I'm also getting married next Sept at Snug Harbor as well.  It's gorgeous there!  let me know if you have any questions.
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