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  • If he eats meat, he gets sick. He once ate a piece of pepperoni, a single piece by accident and he was throwing up for quite some time. His body can not handle it.Yes, most vegetarians I know have unpleasant digestive issues if they consume meat. Their bodies stop being able to digest the protein. My body's always had issues with it, so I can relate. Sarah, if you honestly had a huge moral objection to alcohol, and as a guest I knew this, I would have no problem going to your alcohol-free reception. If someone had an alcohol-free reception to save money, I'd be annoyed.Someone with huge food restrictions knows enough to check with the couple/caterer/WP beforehand to see what's being served and if it's agreeable. If not, see if something CAN be made that will be suitable. If not, eat before or after.And I really don't think it will be as big a deal as people here seem to think. If it's stations or heavy apps, I guarantee some people won't notice unless you make it obvious with tofy, fake meat, etc.But like we've said, your mom really does get the last say in this matter.
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  • I wouldn't say I have a huge moral objection, I just don't see the point of it and you'll never find it in my house. Tim's objection is a bit stronger, but he agreed the serving is was necessary. We have friends that drink and don't mind being there when they do, it's just not something that we participate in.
  • What are you supposed to eat those sides with?  I can't say I've ever really wanted to eat mashed potatoes or veggies just by themselves without some kind of entree.  And they don't really go with pasta.I would not eat much at that wedding because I'm lactose intolerant, so I would most likely leave early.  I think you need to offer some kind of meat option.
  • I am totally late on this but I would have to say that I would be leaving early. Similar to wading's replies about diabetics, I am hypoglycemic. I need to eat about every 4 hours, and my diet consists largely of meat. The majority of your menue is simply not an option for me at all. I also have very bad migraine issues. These two together makes it hard for me to go out at times, and it's certainly not any host's fault. However the people saying that these are rare, I think you are least in the US. Diabeties, hypo- and hyperglycemia are actually quite common.I too have issues with some commercial farms and the way they handle of the reasons I eat a lot of Chipotle meat, I've seen how their animals are handled, and I used to work there for a while and know how the products are also handled. sry it's so long.
  • If your mom is paying, you both have to compromise. As a pp said, your caterer should be more than willing to find organic beef or chicken. Whole Foods works only with farmers who have a certified humane method of slaughter. It may cost more, but if your mom is willing to pay to have meat on your buffet, then it is a more than fair compromise.  I rarely eat meat, and I have a couple friends who are vegetarian. 3 apps are non-meat, 1 is shrimp cocktail.  The entrees are a lemon chicken and a vegetable lasagna.  Something for everyone. And because several people are on special diets, nothing is going to be fried or swimming in butter, everything will be roasted.  Get this "my day" notion out of your head, and open yourself up to compromise. You have been given some very good advice on how to do this.
  • Most vegetarians are ridiculous and don't make any sense. Oot makes a great point here, re: leather. The only vegetarians I truly respect are vegans who do it for moral reasons. Most "vegetarians" still eat cheese, dairy, eggs, etc. Um, I can tell you one thing. Chickens are treate FAR worse than any cow or pig on a "commercial" farm. Ignorance. Makes me ill.  
  • Well damn, I wish I knew this earlier.  I'm not a big fan of vegetables... I only eat them because they're good for me.  So since it's "my wedding", and the "reception should reflect me and my FI", I think we'll have a meat-only reception.  You'd be cool with that right? It'd be totally okay for me to shove my lifestyle on you? Awesome.I may not be morally opposed to lettuce, but I am morally opposed to people shoving their beliefs on me.  If the majority of the guests at the wedding are vegetarian, then I'd expect vegetarian food.  But if the bride and groom are just doing it to make a statement, I'd be pissed.
  • I'm late, but I wanted to chime in.I'm a vegetarian, and have been since the age of 8. Meat repulses me, and the few times I've been accidentally served it (in tiny little pieces or something), I've thrown up afterwards.FI and I are serving meat at our wedding.. Organic, free-range meat that led a lovely life until the day of its death. If it was just my side of the family (CA health nuts) and our younger friends, we'd probably do an all-veggie reception, but FI's family is a traditional meat loaf crowd.  They'd probably eat it to be polite, but they'd probably feel how I would feel if I was given bread and lettuce for dinner.I personally think people should be able to survive without meat for one meal. Come on, seriously... It's not even healthy to have meat with every meal.  However, a wedding isn't the time to make that statement.I completely agree with your FI's concerns about how animals are slaughtered, so I suggest that you ask your restaurant to purchase their meat exclusively from an organic, free-range, cruelty-free rancher. Neiman Ranch farms is one of the best.One more thing... Although your meal sounds tasty, there's almost no protein in it, which would make me unhappy. Yep, this vegetarian wouldn't feel very good after your vegetarian meal. If no meat substitutes are being offered, why not something with beans or mushrooms?
  • Most vegetarians are ridiculous and don't make any sense. Oot makes a great point here, re: leather. The only vegetarians I truly respect are vegans who do it for moral reasons. Most "vegetarians" still eat cheese, dairy, eggs, etc. Um, I can tell you one thing. Chickens are treate FAR worse than any cow or pig on a "commercial" farm. Ignorance. Makes me ill. Oh, come on, pumpkin. I like ya, girl, but that's just silly. Yes, there are some vegetarians who are ridiculous, but blanket statements like this don't help anyone.I eat dairy and eggs, but only organic, free-range, and cage-free. It costs a lot more, but I find it to be worth it. There are plenty of vegetarians out there who do take it seriously, and it makes me sad that you aren't giving them any credit.
  • I'm super late to this too. I agree with what polichick said. Find some meat you can feel good about serving, and serve that. Honestly though, I don't think people should have to compromise their values to please others. If you don't eat meat because you believe it is cruel and have a moral problem with it, I don't think you should be forced to serve it. If you are Christian you wouldn't get married in a Jewish place of worship....if you were pro-choice you wouldn't be handing out pro-life literature at your wedding.... etc. Obviously not the same thing, but it all comes down to what you believe in and what you stand for. If this is something you feel really strongly about, you shouldn't have to buy 150 pieces of meat that you are against.
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