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I'm sorry...I'm a lurker that looked at your dress...I know you're in the Chicago area, so I thought I'd throw this out there. There's a shop up in Milwaukee (Whitefish Bay, to be exact) that is having a Melissa Sweet trunk show THIS WEEKEND...I believe there are discounts for dresses ordered at the show...the name of the store is Zita's. HTH!

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    I just upped your counter too, Poli. If you don't buy that dress, I'll cry. No pressure.
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    I agree. It's gorgeous on you...
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    Runnr, thank you so much! I really appreciate it :) I'm heading to the Twin Cities for the weekend, and I'm checking out a place that's also having a trunk show. But I really appreciate you telling me... That's the kind of thing where if I missed it and paid full price, I'd be kicking myself for months :P Ha bec, no pressure felt. And unless the bridal store explodes or gets closed down between now and saturday, I'm buying it :)
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    Looks like you got it! :o) I'll be in Winona this weekend. I miss MN!
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    I'm going to the store in a half hr....did you want me to check the price for you?
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    That's so kind of you! If you're goind there anyway, that would be great. Whenever you have time, would you mind emailing it to me? I feel kinda funny advertising on TK how much I'm spending. My email that I use on here is polichikTK at gmail dot com. If it's any trouble at all, though, please don't worry about it! Which dresses are you looking at? :)
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