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Reception Introductions - Divorced Parents

I tried looking this up everywhere, but everything I found is in regards to parents who have remarried, which would make this much easier.   Both of my parents are divorced; neither has remarried. My mom is single. My dad has a long-term girlfriend. My fiancé’s parents have been separated for over a decade, but are not officially divorced. Neither of them has any kind of SO.   What do I do about introductions at the beginning of the reception? My uncle was going to escort my mother during the ceremony and at the start of the reception. While my dad will be escorting me during the ceremony, I’m not quite sure what to do about the reception. Should he escort his girlfriend into the reception? They are long-term of sorts, but he hasn’t really asked me to include her in any way. I just wasn’t sure if it was common to include girlfriends in this. My grandfather also has a girlfriend – who I guess he would escort in as I would like to include him in the introductions. Thoughts?   Lastly – are the parents of the groom commonly announced at the start of the reception? Being, separated, they wouldn’t walk in together but would come in solo???

Re: Reception Introductions - Divorced Parents

  • Do you have to introduce them?

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • Your font is weird... ok... I avoided this whole issue by only having the bridal party (BMs & GMs) introduced at the reception.  My advice- you don't have to have everyone introduced at the reception.  And if you do have your parents introduced they can walk in solo.  I am sure they would prefer that over walking in with their ex-spouse.
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  • Have whoever you want introduced, introduced.  You don't need to define relationships.  You can say ninfalinda Grandfather, escorted by Jane Doe.  You don' thave to say his girlfriend Jane Doe. Also, in the future, please don't cut and paste your question.  As you can see, it makes it hard to read.
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  • Your dad can escort his gf into the reception. Uncle can escort mom. I wouldn't announce anyone. Hey, I'm not sure if I want me and FI to be announced!
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  • You don't have to have the parents announced at the reception at all.  You can just do the bridal party and bride and groom.  Also, I've never seen grandparents announced at the reception.Another option is instead of having them enter and be announced, you could just have the DJ announce them and have them stand at their tables.  That way he can just say their name, say their relationship to you or the groom, and that's it.  No "escorted by" or girlfriend of kind of thing.
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  • Mother of the bride, (Your mom's name), escorted by the bride's uncle (his name here if you so choose.) Father of the bride, and his girlfriend ____________. We decided to announce the grandparents, but had them stand up from their seats when the DJ said their names. It was a lot less stressful and much easier for them. You could also do this for the parents if it's easier.
  • My advice: skip the family introductions. I've actually never been to a wedding where parents or grandparents had a special introduction - usually it's just the bridal party. We only had an intro for me and DH - everyone else walked in with the rest of the guests. If you do choose to do intros for everyone, just use their names - no reason to make things even more complicated by trying to put labels on every relationship.
  • Often Parents are not introduced during the reception. In your case I would just skip it.
  • Sorry for the pasting - I'm bad with typos - I don't post much so I didn't realize that would happen. Thanks for the clarification. I went to three weddings last year where every single person was introduced (parents on both sides and grandparents plus bridal party. I don't feel that I HAVE to introduce everyone, I just thought it was part of the introductions. Thanks!
  • I am MOB and divorced.  FOB has not remarried either.We were on good terms so we were introduced as the parents of the bride "Ms. Susan Smith and Mr. Joseph Jone".I would leave girlfriends out of it unless they are long term and serious.
  • I'm glad you asked this because I was having a similar problem. My parents are still married, but FI's parents are divorced and both in long-term relationships, and I wasn't sure how to introduce them. But after reading these posts I may just skip those intros and just do the BP. Thanks!
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  • >>I don't feel that I HAVE to introduce everyone, I just thought it was part of the introductions. Sure - it depends on the customs of the area where you live. Where I live, everyone is introduced - so here's my suggestion for you if you choose to introduce everyone like at the other weddings you've been to: OK, everyone, it's time to introduce the families of the newleyweds and their bridal party: First, please welcome the mother of the bride, Mrs. Janet Jones, escorted by Mr. Horace Smith, the bride's uncle. Here's the father of the bride, Mr. David Jones, entering with Ms. Heather Locklear. The grandfather of the bride is Mr. George Clark, and with him is Ms. Olive Garden. Next, the parents of the groom: Mr. Robert Doe and Mrs. Lucy Doe. (not Mr. and Mrs. - because they are separated)
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