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XP: Would This Look Dumb?

Hi! I'm sorry to cross-post, but the other boards are SO incredibly slow today! We have chosen October 22, 2011 as our date. Since it's so far away, right now we're only talking about minor things, like colors. I think we have decided on deep red, chocolate brown, and ivory. However, I can't seem to get one little snag out of my mind. Our #1 venue choice, which we will be reserving soon, since it books 12-18 months in advance, is full of dark brown woodwork. GORGEOUS. But I don't want to put the bridesmaids in brown because they will blend in, and ivory will be too close to my dress. I had it in mind to put them in dark red with ivory bouquets until my best friend, who will most definitely be MOH, specifically requested no red. She has rosacea (sp?) and has been in two weddings that chose red and felt she looked awful because even the professional makeup artists couldn't completely cover it. Now I am at a loss as to what color to use. Would it look odd if I did black dresses with ivory bouquets to match the men's black tuxes, if there is no black anywhere else? Would it look bad with all of the dark brown wood? Thanks!

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    I think grey would be nicer than black. A charcoal grey.
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    No, I don't think black BM dresses will look odd.
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    You are waaaay overthinking this.Plus, think about this in a year.  Your mind will change, trends will change, the venue might even remodel.  Don't worry about it yet.
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    Did you think of using a lighter brown, I think that would be nice with the red and ivory.
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    I'd personally stick to the brown, or do something patterned in brown and ivory. I don't think anyone's going to be noticing the fact that your bridesmaids match the wood in the venue!
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    If you and your BMs like brown, do brown. They're not going to disappear into the woodwork. That's kind of like saying if you use white linens the bride won't be noticable ;)
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    Also, I used brown over white linens and brown BMs dresses, and it was fine. See my bio for brown/ivory/champagne color scheme.
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    Maybe use copper or tan instead of chocolate? Alfred Angelo has a pretty copper-colored taffeta I'm considering. Colors are super minor, though, really. You don't even need to decide until you order BM dresses and flowers, which will be like 6 months out, max.
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    Pick a different shade of brown from the wood.  Something lighter would still compliment and fit in your color scheme.
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    i really dont think you need to worry about this for a while. but later on if its still bothering you, consider putting your BMs in red dresses and MOH in the same dress but different colour. a lot of times the MOH is wearing somethign a little different to stand out.
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