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Brooklyn Bridge Park wedding?

Has anyone had an outdoor wedding in Brooklyn Bridge Park? I am looking at the Pebble Beach or Pier 1 areas in Brooklyn. I'd like to have the ceremony outdoors and the reception nearby. Currently, I am considering Smack Mellon. However, I'm concerned that, especially wtih Pebble Beach, it will be too noisy. Does anyone have experience with this? Is the noise from traffic/subway/visitors too much on Pebble Beach?  

Re: Brooklyn Bridge Park wedding?

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    It might be a little noisy from the train on the bridge but that's a very nice setting and area.  You just need someone to oversee and organize it properly since you have bypassers and stuff..  We have had Event Remembered as our planner and I know Evgenia from Event Remembered has done quite a few weddings there.  
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    I'm thinking about having my ceremony there as well but I have the same concerns.  As nice as pebble beach is, I might choose pier 1 for less noise.

    @MayaT - can I ask how much does Event Remembered charge?  I was just discussing with my fiance today how we might need a day of coordinator to just get things in order & usher people to the reception once the ceremony is over.
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    Check out DUMBO loft. I went to a wedding there and you definitely didn't hear the train or traffic.
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    I just saw in New York Magazine, the special Weddings eddition, photos of a wedding in Brooklyn Bridge park. Looks great - I think you should do it! Great spot, cool neighborhood, and I bet you can rent out a loft for your reception. 
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    We had our engagement pictures done at Brooklyn Bridge Park and we couldn't hear the photographer over the trains on the Manhattan Bridge, but if you go a little farther south from it, like Pier 1, it was fine!

    But it was a beautiful place and having a wedding there would be gorgeous!!
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    The setting is absolutely gorgeous there, but the noise is an issue. I would take a trip there with your fiance and go to the different spots you were considering to get a feel of what the noise level would be the day of your wedding! If you can't hear each other speak when visiting obviously it's going to be an issue the day of your wedding! If you have an event planner, bring her along  because maybe she will have some ideas for blocking out sound.
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