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Has anyone ever been to the Pronovias flagship store in NYC? I have an appointment there next month - there are many gowns that I am in love with and want to try on, and I have a good feeling about finding my dress there. However, if I need alterations, do I HAVE to have my gown altered there? I heard something about a flat $500 fee for any alteration, and I'm guessing that's not including the cost of the actual alteration(s). I would much rather just take the gown to a seamstress closer to where I live.

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  • vienna1121vienna1121 member
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    i purchased my gown  from there, my seamstress was wonderful!   the fee for any alteration was 500.  im not sure if it is mandatory to have your gown altered there but i had mine done and the alterations were perfect!!!!  the 500 was the only alteration cost, nothing more.  it had to be taken in and lifted up.
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    I purchased my gown from Pronovias as well and originally thought that the alternation price was steep.  But because the cost of the gown was reasonable I ended up having them alter it.  If you know of a really good seamstress and trust her then you may want to take it to her/him.
  • starbelystarbely member
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    I also bought my dress from the Pronovias flagship store. The $500 flat fee is if you want to have them alter the dress. You can chose to take your dress elsewhere. I paid the fee because I didn't want to worry about finding someone who could alter the dress and in case there were issues. I ended up only needing the hem done on the dress (it fit otherwise), but I had my mantilla veil shortened and a comb was put in (which they did not charge me extra for). I did have to pay the $20-25 extra for them to sew the cups in.
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    I had a La Sposa gown, (I think that's a division of Pronovias), which I bought at RK Bridal.  I did my alterations (hem, tightening, removing train) at a regular tailor out in Brooklyn for $120.  The experience didn't feel very bridal, but the price was right and the results looked good in the end.

  • hi Stormydove - who did you use for your alterations? I'm in Brooklyn too. 

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