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Am I delusional...


Re: Am I delusional...

  • Warmth AND magic powers?! This could be the best present ever!
  • What Kate just said. Totally.
  • I have the zebra snuggie. I got it as a prank gift for our anniversary. It was the greatest prank joke ever.
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  • I actually saw the dog "snuggie" today in Bed bath and beyond.  It was rediculous but I want it for my dog.  It was 9.99 then of course the 20 percent coupon...LOL My FI would flip out if I bought it.  Maybe I will register for it.  LOL  Stay warm and Happy Halloween!
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  • I have always wanted one, but like others have said, I would have to dress up in disguise when at the cashier.
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  • I usually just lurk on this board, and am a little ashamed that a snuggie thread brought me out, but... I TOTALLY want one. I just made FI watch the what the fuuck blanket clip & then asked him if he would really get me one for Christmas. After saying "Hell no!" He then told me, "Sure, you can wear it while you're driving around in your Volvo (I LOVE my car & he insists on calling it my old lady car) and get a preview of yourself in 40 years!" Grrr! I want one even more now.
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  • I'm afraid I have to vote yes.
  • I got one as a joke gift. I have to say, it is really nice to have sleeves on a blanket. But it stained my white coffee table (from putting my feet up on it).
  • I was at the store with my FI and he saw it and said " oh my god that is so you  I may have to get you that for Christmas"   I am exited to get it. 
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