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venue needed help please!

Hi Ladies! I'm in desperate need of ideas. I've spent the last 3 months intensely planning my wedding. Originally my parents were helping, a venue was picked out and I'm in the process of finalizing food/invites/favors/music. Then last week my mother pulled out of the wedding. We've tried to negotiate with her but it looks like we'll have to do this wedding on our own. We discussed town hall but my fiancee really wants to have a 'party' of some kind for his friends and family. We're not able to get any additional funding anywhere so I really have to stick to our $1500 budget. All ideas and suggestions are welcome please help!

We have our heart set on our date this July but we just need a cheap or free venue! We live in NYC and our guest list tops off at 35 people. We've tapped all of our friends for suggestions but so far we're not coming up with anything affordable. Out total budget for the entire wedding is now $1500. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you!

Re: venue needed help please!

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    Wow, sorry you are going through that...very frustrating.
    Is the $1500 inclusive of things like your attire and flowers?  how about wedding bands?

    If the full $1500 can go to a venue - food, drink maybe you can find a nice restaurant with a private room that can accomodate your 35 people and do a brunch buffet for a few hours.  Look at places like this - they have a nice room upstairs in the back and its reasonably priced.  I've eaten there a few times pre theater.
    Other ways to save money...
    Make a playlist of some of your favorite music and hook up an ipod to some speakers instead of getting a dj or anything.  maybe ask a close friend or family member to get ordained online and perform your ceremony at the venue so you don't need to pay for a church or an officiant.

    Good luck figuring it out.  Again, sorry you got promised something that is not being delivered.

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    u should checkout
    its a very pretty bar & restaurant and the guy in chage, Jason, its very willing to work with tight budgets.
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    Here are some ideas for restaurants, etc.
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    There is a great little restaurant in the village called Salt.  The food is amazing and it would perfectly fit 35 people.  I'm not sure what the price would be but I would think you could do it for around $1500.  HTH!!
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    maybe the wedding ceremony in central park,  park permit i think is inexpensive.  Then have a reception in a restaurant?
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