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Poli and cacoeffer

Poli- we have the same haircut (just about) and you look adorable :)  Ive referred so many strangers who comment on it to my stylist to get the same cut.  Its almost what Michelle Williams has going on on the mag cover she was on last month.what product do you use?  Cacoeffer- I read you blog post and then read your blog.  your honesty is admirable.  I think everyone can relate to some part of what you have written.  One thing that I tell myself a lot is you cant wait for the life you were hoping to have to start.  you have a life going on right now, enjoy it.  Hope that makes sense.

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    Punky, thank you.  Believe me, I know.  I'm just really going through a rough part in my life right now.  I'm trying to make sense of it and work through it so I can live the life that I was meant to.I know that I a living life right now and I am working on enjoying it.  There are tons that I should (and am) grateful for, but this "fog" makes it tough.  I haven't given up yet.
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    Thanks punky! Yay for us short-haired vixens. I actually brought in the Michelle Williams cover for my last haircut, but asked for a few changes. I've had a bunch of variations of this cut, and this is one of my faves!My products vary, but I'm hardly using anything these days. I use the John Freida Go Blonder shampoo and conditioner, and even though I haven't noticed a ton of lightening, I love the softness they give me. I let my hair air-dry, then flat-iron it (my hair is naturally curly). I put a little bit of honey wax in it if it's at all poofy. If I'm going spiky, I use a fiber paste and hairspray.Are there any pics of your haircut around? I'd love to see it!
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    Tru dat! P.S. I know it was coming from a good place :)  Didn't feel lectured at all.
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    Poli- I have curly hair too, but its getting more wavy than curly now.  It alternates every few years.  I use Kerastase nutrisculpt, shu uemura, or nothing depending on if i want it straight and edgy or messy and flirty.  I do have pics but dont post pics on here.  I used to have some info up by my DH wasnt too fond of it and out of respect for him, I took them down. 
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    Oh Capri - I read yours, too. I commented to you on it. ((((((hugs))))))
    Do not mess in the affairs of dinosaurs because you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.
    I love you Missy. Even though you are not smart enough to take online quizzes to find out really important information. ~cew
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    I totally understand! I bet your hair's hot, though :)
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    Capri,I like your blog too.  That is all.  Carry on.Sincerely,Karen
    Now with more wedded bliss.

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    Thank you, Missy & Karen.
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