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Just looking at your siggy made me crave pumpkin cheesecake (obviously), pizza, mac n' cheese and garlic bread. None of which I have... WTH! (Basically I'm just uber jealous)

Re: *Sco*

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    Ha! Sorry, Roxy. Sh!t is good though.
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    It's ok, I guess...I have pumpkin pie and a caramel apple and I could make some pumpkin cheesecake but damnit! I do want the slice in your picture
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    We picked up a frozen cheesecake from Costco. It's from Cheesecake Factory. I was skeptical on the taste but dude. It tastes exactly like a pumpkin pie. But it's cheesecake. If you can find it, try it. It's yum!
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    I have seen it there before and would love to get it but I think T might just die. Pumpkin pie and cheesecake  are his two favorite desserts and he's depsperately trying to lose weight for our cruise in December. Somehow I don't think eating an entire cheesecake would help.
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    Yeah I totally understand! J is trying to lose weight but um, it's not working because he keeps buying stuff like this. Silly men. :D
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