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Hi im new

Hi. As the title states im new to this website.
My partner and I are looking at getting married Jan 2014 in NYC

We have a very small budget and small group of guests (10 adults inc bride/groom and 1 child)

We would like central park... Top of the rock... Or anywhere that could be outdoors for January time
Anyone recommend ceremony location?Reception - we would just like a nice meal for the 11 of us at a nice place (maybe with separate room or if not then ok as long as nice place and not a pub/snack place)

Photographers - from before the ceremony when im getting ready, then during the ceremony, and after while we have a few pics taken

Makeup - im not a makeup wearing girl, but would want a nice natural look still done professionally

Hair - sorted (ive got pixey style so i can do)

Re: Hi im new

  • I should say that all family members paying for their own flights/accom. I will have one bridesmaid and there will be one best man. I shall try and get my dress / grooms suits in UK I will need mine and bridesmaids flowers. Groom and best man not having flowers in button hole. Any recommendations for anything at all..........? Need help as in UK haha Thanks Jeanette
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