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eloping in Hawaii??

My fiance and I want to plan our elope-ment (is that a word?) in Hawaii. Our families are too large and too complicated to just bring a select few, so we want it to just be us. And we want to go to Hawaii to do it. We want something really simple on the beach and that's it. How do you suggest I go about doing this? Travel agent? Wedding Planner? Through a resort? Any advice is welcome! Thank you so much!

Re: eloping in Hawaii??

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    There is DW board, so I would ask some of the girls on there. I'm sure there have been others who have done what you're thinking about I would think going through a resort would be easier, just because they've probably done it before so would be familiar with vendors and what all you would need to do. Plus, they probably have an event coordinator, so you wouldn't need to pay an additional wedding planner. Though, if you're not interested in the formality of a wedding without guests, you could probably talk to a travel agent for a great rate, and find someone to marry you in a simple ceremony on the beach. Maybe hire a photographer, and be done with everything else. :)
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    I think the Hawaii board is the most helpful for these kinds of planning questions.  There are girls on there doing very small Hawaii weddings like yours.  Here's the link -[url][/url]
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    I have no idea, but I will say that my dad's cousin did this. Just him, his wife and the officiant. And the videographer. They brought back a video of the ceremony to show all the family. Everyone thought it was such a nice surprise. Since it's just you guys, it should be really easy. You could probably contact a resort about it.
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    My hairstylist did this. I believe she called the resort and they planned everything, and they got married the 2nd or 3rd day they were there, and the rest of the week counted as their HM. It was just her and her husband, the officiant, and a photographer on the beach.  
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    >Everyone thought it was such a nice surprise. Let me assure you that not everyone will think your elopement is "such a nice surprise."Your families will likely be hurt that they weren't included or even told of your plans, and if you have some kind of at home reception or party, it will look like those guests weren't close enough to witness your marriage ceremony but they ARE close enough to get you a great gift.A friend of mine was very honest about telling people that they chose to have a wedding in Hawaii because they wanted a very small group at their wedding ceremony (about 25 people), but they still sent invitations to about 300 because they wanted to score a big bunch of great gifts.W O W
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    I agree that some people may not be happy with the idea that we are going to elope. But we will be telling people before we go, it wont be a secret. Also, both of our immediate families are very large, and it is too difficult for us to limit the number of guests. And the last part is that my family and I don't see eye to eye most of the time and we are not very close. So this is what we have chosen to do. We want this day to be special and to be just about us.
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