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Brother will be 9 at wedding - Ring Bearer or Groomsman?

I'm very close with my siblings and both my sisters will be my Bridesmaids. Now, I'm not sure how to include my little brother but I know that I do want him in the Bridal Party. He'll be 9 on the big day. Do I make him a Ring Bearer (to be honest, if he doesn't do that, there's no other young boys who are in my life who will be the Ring Bearer) or is he too old and should he be a Groomsman (Jr. Groomsman so to speak) or is he even too young for that?Thank you!

Re: Brother will be 9 at wedding - Ring Bearer or Groomsman?

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    I don't know about the appropriate age of a ring bearer. You could always ask him to see if he's comfortable doing it. You could also ask him to usher, if he's mature.
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    He can be a groomsman.  Doesn't have to be junior, either.  Ask him if he would like that - he would probably be pretty stoked about standing up there with the big guys.
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    Just wanted to point out that your marriage is still valid if you don't have a RB.
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    Thanks for the input. LOL I know it won't be void without a ring bearer but it would be something nice to have. Just thought it would influence what I make him along the lines of "if you don't have a ring bearer, why not make him one" talk.
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    On first thought 9 seems a little old for a ring bearer, but who knows if there's a "right" age.  At that age I do think he'd get a kick out of standing up with the other GM.  I'd ask him what he thinks.
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    I think he is a good age for a ring bearer. It doesnt always have to be a little boy. But on the other hand he might be really happy to be up there with the big guys. You dont need a ring bearer, I'm not having one.
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    Our RB was 9 and it was perfect. He knew what was going on, how important it was, took his job very seriously.  
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