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Bilingual Wedding Ceremony

Hi all-

My fiance is French and many of his friends and family do not speak English. We'd like to hire a simultaneous interpreter for our ceremony so that they can hear our vows and feel part of the event.

I was at a bilingual ceremony once and it was very touching - but the interpreter was not a professional and admittedly, that slowed things down.

1) Does anyone have experience with bilingual weddings
2) Does anyone have any leads on interpreters?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Bilingual Wedding Ceremony

  • Hi! 

    I think that is very sweet to do a bilingual wedding :) I just attended one over the weekend - it was a great wedding however it was very long due to the translation (everything was pretty much doubled!) Also - some of the translation got lost in the meaning (i speak both languages) and therfore it was a bit strange sounding. Perhaps an idea is to give out written ceremony cards for the guests in both languages?

    Happy Planning!!!

  • To save yourselves the trouble of hiring an interpreter, it's a lot easier to print the basic materials for your wedding in both languages. And all you'd need to compose your booklet for a Bilingual Wedding Ceremony (Catholic) is online  at -- It provides the wedding texts in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Polish and of course Latin.

    The priest who does that website is available to officiate weddings in all of those languages ... but only in Europe. He is afraid to fly the Atlantic!

    Best wishes,
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