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Mistake on invitations that were already sent out

I sent out my wedding invitations just over a week ago and someone just pointed out to me that I made a mistake in the directions to the reception site.  I'm so mad at myself for not catching it!  I read them over a million times and had other people read them too and no one caught it...untill now.Anyway, I'm not really sure what I should do to fix it.  Should I send out a card letting people know about the error and give them the correct directions?  Or would a phone call be enough?  Thoughts?  Thanks!

Re: Mistake on invitations that were already sent out

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    Oh wow, that stinks. I'm sorry :(It really depends on your circle of friends/family and the formality of the event. If it were me, I'd just call everybody and let them know.
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    I would probably call everyone and let them know I'm emailing everyone the correction, and for those without email call and see if they need the correction sent to them via mail.
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    It depends on how many invites went out.  If you mailed 20, I'd divide the list between you & your FI and start making calls.  If it's 200, I'd mail a postcard with corrected directions on it.
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    I guess it depends on how bad of a mistake it is (like, will it add 15 minutes travel time?) and how many will be attending who are not familiar with the area at all.  Since sending new directions could run into quiet an expense, I would recommend talking it over with fiance about just distributing new directions in your programs and having officiant announce this at closing or maybe have ushers distribute?  Locals will probably not need directions, out of towners won't catch mistake and can get corrections at ceremony.  With so many people on Facebook and with email, maybe send out message saying there was a mistake and new direction will be available at ceremony.   A lot of people don't pay attn to directions since they have GPS's, also.  Good luck!
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    Is it something that will have them going the wrong way or unable to find the reception?  If so, then depending on your guest list size, either call, e-mail, or send out directions postcards.If it's minor that won't really affect being able to find the place, I'd probably just let it go.  Most people will look and print their own directions anyway.
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    I don't think it's too bad of an error.  I just told people to turn right instead of left onto a certain road.  You can't actually turn right onto the road in question so I think most people would figure it out.  I just don't want anyone to be upset with me for getting them lost :)
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