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**Nebb**,28804,1934180_1934196,00.htmlIt's an article about Stephen King's longest novels: The Stand: 1,153 pagesIt: 1,138 pagesUnder the Dome: 1,072 pagesInsomnia: 787 pagesDesperation: 690 pagesNeedful Things: 690 pagesDreamcatcher: 620 pagesDuma Key: 607 pagesThe Tommyknockers: 558 pagesBag of Bones: 529 pagesI've read 8 of the 10 listed.  Only Duma Key and Under the Dome I haven't cracked. Also, I didn't get the reservations for SK, I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through you. :)

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    I cant wait to get under the dome, but I will probably wait a bit because I hate hardcover. Only a week and a half till I am face to face with mr king!!
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    Lucky you!  I hate hardcovers too.  I'm reading through the article and he gives some insight -- very interesting.  I may pick up The Stand - the uncut version.  Yeah, reading almost 1200 pages doesn't seem like that big of a deal when it's one of his books. Also, I was thinking of rereading Bag of Bones.  I really liked that one.
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    Ive only ever read the uncut version of the stand and ive breezed through it 5 times now, so it doesnt feel long to me at all. I still havnt read bag of bones, whit was going to send me hers but im not sure if she has or not. I am not allowed to buy any books until after christmas so im just re-reading the dark tower series right now.
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    Capri, you must get the reissued version.  I just realized I have three copies of it.  A paperback reissued copy (for traveling), the original in hardback, and the reissued in hardback.  Yeah, it's that good. I also bought the collector's edition of Salem's Lot. Neat book.(backing out of thread now)
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    why backing out?
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    I'm with you Nebb.  I can't buy any more books for myself until after Christmas.  I like to give out books as Christmas presents.  I also love getting books for Xmas and hint at it all.the.time!  Missy, I will definitely pick it up though.  I need a good one.
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    I got my brother 5 stephen king books for christmas to get him into it - I really wanted to get him more but it was getting expensive. I pretty much only asked for stephen king book sfor christmas too. I really latch onto something once I take an interest in it. I even cleared space off my bookcase in preparation... a month and a half in advance hehe.
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