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Timing for walking down the aisle

I would love to have my bridal party (grandparents, MOB, MOG, bridesmaids, etc) walk down the aisle to "Everything" by Michael Buble. My concern is that they will finish walking before the song is over or too soon and the song won't be over yet. Has anyone ever walked down the aisle to a song with lyrics like this, and if so, how did you figure out the timing of it all? Or did you just wing it :) our wedding is informal and the fancy traditional precessional music just seems like too much for us

Re: Timing for walking down the aisle

  • Finishing before the song is over is no big deal - whoever is running the sound just fades it out.  The song ending first would be a problem.  I'd either loop it so it starts over, or I'd add a second song as a "just in case."  Whether or not this will actually be a problem depends on the length of the song, speed of the walkers, number of walkers and length of the aisle.
  • I went to my venue and practiced to make sure my song works. It's 4 minutes, and the time for all of us to walk is about 3.25 so there's some wiggle room. Just try it out. :
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  • Plan for a second song just in case & make sure to practice it at the rehearsal - that's what they are for!

  • If you're more concerned about the song ending first, don't lose too much sleep over it. At my brother's wedding, the song the bridal party walked down the aisle to was meaningful to the bride and groom, so they asked the pianist to just finish the song even if the bridal party is done walking. Plus this builds up the suspense before your big entrance :)
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