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Brie - I saw you post about Yoga dvds/podcasts in the earlier thread, and Salt, I get the impression that you're the yoga guru around here.Have either of you tried They have guided classes which come with a pdf pose guide.  I think they're awesome, and quite cheap as well (there's an amazing yoga studio right by my house, but classes are $25 a pop, and I'm really trying to save money at the moment). I've used the Hot Yoga and a couple of the 20/60 minute Power Yoga classes, and I think they're great, because it comes close to actually being in a class. The hot yoga was amazing for when I was on holiday in Spain, where it actually was like a million degrees outside. They have free sample 20 minute classes if you want to give it a shot.Wow, that was long. But anyway- just thought you might like to try it.

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    Thanks Marina!! I'm definitely going to check those out! I really should practice more at home in the name of saving money (but thank god my classes aren't quite that expensive...I pay $15 for hot vinyasa and $17 for Bikram if I just do walk-ins.) You rock!
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    Ooh, Hot Vinyasa sounds exciting! I just checked the website again and they now have a Hot-Power Fusion class which looks cool.The downside to the downloads, though -are that you don't get the hot room. (Duh. Thankyou captain obvious).I LOVE the hot room. And a space heater doesn't give quite the same effect...But I find the classes to be of really good quality - I hope you like them!
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