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Oompa Loompa City

Just as horrible as duckface:[url][/url]Keep a special eye out for the "Chicago Monster."Also, as the blog author points out, the eyebrows are often almost as amusing as everything else.
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Re: Oompa Loompa City

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    The douche collage is my favorite. Most of the guys look like the Gotti boys.
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    Yeah, one of my good friends looks like that. The photog said he couldn't play with the color with the pics she was in because she's so... um... orange.
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    Its sad none of those people will ever be hit by trucks like they should be, theyre the color of pylons so people will naturally avoid them :(
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    YIKES! THAT is why I'm nervous to use self-tanner for the wedding! p.s. ChicagoMonster has oh, about 2000 clones. I'll try to get pictures at my bachelorette party this weekend
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    eep! pale and proud here.
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