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Re: WWYD? Long, vent

  • Ah, Mrs. B.  Short, sweet, direct, and spot on.  If you don't end this know, you will be responsible for what he breaks next in your house because you are knowingly allowing this little spawn into your home.
  • What a little shiit. That is inexcuseable. They would not be coming back over to my house.
  • She didn't offer to pay for the replacement? Thats awful. Tell her that she owes you x amount for the broken stuff and you expect the money by x date. Stay strong, she must know she needs to pay you, unless she lives in lala land
  • If she doesn't want to pay, you need to take her to small claims court and get your money back. Sounds like a case for Judge Judy. She needs to learn to control her child and be responsible for his actions. As well as make him responsible for his actions. Ditto PPs - it's time to end the friendship. Don't let him or her back in your home. Good luck.
  • Ditto East and Mrs. B 100%.My best friends don't wreck my stuff and call it "cute" and then refuse to take responsibility for it.Remind yourself of that when she says, "I though you were my best FRIEEENNNDDD!!"
  • your "friend" is an idiot...sorry, but you're not far behind...why would you have this kid in your home if he acts like an animal and his mother doesn't correct him...this is a joke, right?
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    ditto East and Mrs B. With friends like her who needs enemies.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • That is so rude.  If my daughter did something like that you can bet I would be paying my friend back.
  • I definitely think you should ask her to reimburse you for any damages done...and the thing about your dogs makes me so mad for you! :(  Oh and I don't think you're an idiot, that girl is rude.
  • I'm with scoetto. End the friendship, and sue her in small claims court. If someone were to destroy my laptop, it would be like ending my life, because of the sheer amount of important and valuable information I have on here. I know I should back up more, but if a little monster broke my laptop and my dissertation was on it, for instance, I might not be able to account for what I would do next.
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  • hell no! That "child" (using the word lightly since I think I prefer B's spawn of satan) would never be in my house again, and she would be paying for it.
  • My gochild has a sensory processing disorder that is on the autism spectrum, and is ADHD. He is 4 now, but before he was properly diagnosed, he used to have outbursts, couldn't sit still, climbed all over everything, etc. However, despite his condition, his mom (my bf), called him on all of it. She set limits for him, and no matter how many times he went beyond them, she still stuck to her guns. By the time he was 3, he wasn't talking very much, but he was listening a lot better. SHe put a LOT of hard work and attention into dealing with his behavior issues, and it is paying off. He is 4 now, and goes to pre-k, and finally got medication for ADHD last week after all other diet, supplement, and behavior modification strategies were not helping enough. There was a complication with the meds, so he is off of them now, but his mother is still vigilant about setting boundaries. And if he had ever broken something like that, she would punish him first, and then break out the checkbook. My point is, that even if the kid has issues, an out of control child is usually the parent's fault. Either the parent is not setting the limit, paying attention, and/or getting the child the help they need. Teh parent needs to be held responsible. I'd be STEAMING mad and would have kicked them out after the first time his foot touched my laptop. No coming back until the new one is delivered.
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  • She admitted the child jumped on the laptop.  If she refuses to replace the broken things, I would take her to small claims court.  You deserve restitution.  You should also know better than to ever let that kid in your house, period.You are not blame free in this.  You knew he was a terror and ignored it's potential consequences until they were big. 
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  • I cant really add on anything anyone else has said, but I want to hear an update after you confront her.
  • I'm pretty sure that her clinic journals wouldn't be getting done at my house.  Refer her to her local library.
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  • Your 'friend' is using you.  I know it sucks, but if she refuses to take responsibility for her child's actions then you need to dump her.  She and her child are going to come between you and your fi and kill your poor dogs.  What does your fi have to say about the laptop?
  • You need to call her RIGHT NOW and tell her the $ damage for the laptop, DS and gate. Then explain the boundaries that YOU have now set in YOUR house regarding your things, your dogs and her child. State clearly that he is no longer allowed in your house and that your laptop is in fact broken because of him, and you need payment for it and for the laptop, and she will not be able to use anything of yours again. This will end the friendship, but it sounds like you need to end it anyway.
  • dude. your "friend" sucks. she needs to give you money for all the stuff she broke, and she shouldn't be allowed to bring the demon child over. ever. and people who don't discipline their kids also suck. I wouldn't let the brat in my house.
  • Yeah, everyones already beat this one into the ground but I can't believe you feel bad about this. Laptop, controllers, DS? None of that is cheap and definately needs replaced asap. I agree, take her to small claims court if she refuses to pay over ASAP. Don't let her tell you she'll pay you for them and then get away with not.
  • She definitely needs to get a bill.  That's so rude and insane of her!  How could her kid wrecking everything be funny?
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