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Mini NYC checker cab models

Hi all

I would really like to place some mini NYC checker cabs (the retro styled ones) on my table at my reception but I'm struggling to get hold of any (we've hired a real checker cab as our wedding car!).  I need 10 and don't really want to spend any more than $10 on each of them. Any ideas where I could get hold of some?

Thank you!

Re: Mini NYC checker cab models

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    hey sezzle,

    i was searching for the same things and when i was in new york city recently i saw them for umm... i think 6.99 each or something?  it was just a regular tourist shop.  i asked the guy if i bought a bunch would he give me a discount and he said yes.  i think they actually come in boxes of 12 from the manufacturer so you could always ask to buy the whole box and they'd hopefully give you a discount.  i didn't buy any because i'm going to wait until i know how many tables i'm going to have. hope this helps!
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    MY friend purchased them from a vendor in the street.  She was so lucky, so if you have time you might find them on the streets for really cheap.
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    I've seen them in the tourist shops around time's square.
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    Thanks for all your help!
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