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Affordable Bridesmaids Dresses

Hey ladies. I am looking for afforable bridemaids dresses. I am looking for 3 dresses for my BMs. They are all on a very fixed budget so I am trying to find something around $100 or less. Does anyone know any shops we can order them from. Any help would be great. Thank you.
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Re: Affordable Bridesmaids Dresses

  • Target has a line of inexpensive ones. Not the best quality, but for 70 they look great!
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  • Try going to Macy's or Lord&Taylors.  You can probably get something right off the rack and if you have their coupons you should be able to get something pretty affordable. 
  • David's Bridal has affordable dresses if you want your girls to have the same dress - but if you're open to them wearing something not so "bridal" try a department store. I found the quality to be a little poor
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  • try RK Bridal... they have 2 prices for dresses for BM's and my girls are saving $100 if they take their own meassurments 
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  • Try or j crew factory Avoid wedding stores - the minute you say wedding, the prices double
  • How about the Butter by Nadia signature satin or satin circle dress?  It's one that can be worn in various ways, so that the bridesmaids can customize their style but the fabric is all the same.  Some bridal companies have made it as well, but it can be more expensive.  Anyway, only the sale version of the Butter by Nadia dress will fit your budget.  But it's worth checking out their sale section.  They have some for $70 and $100.  They're also one size fits all (and it actually works).
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