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AW - First fitting (totally WR)

Since it's slow, I'm going to be a big old AW for a moment.
I went in for my first fitting yesterday! I don't know what I was expecting, but it was SO much easier than I though it would be. I ended up taking it to a bridal shop near here that has a great reputation and the price is very reasonable. She is going to hem the dress, shorten the straps and add a bustle. She also made me feel much better about the pulls in the chiffon from the great kitten attack of 09 (which should be pretty much entirely fixable). 

My dad's girlfriend came with me and took a couple pics. I was so glad to have invited was a nice bonding experience for us. I didn't bother doing my hair for occasion as you can see.

And this will be my bustle. I love it. It took the seamstress exactly 30 seconds to pin it up that way and it looks LOADS better than the one the woman in the original shop I bought my dress in did. 
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Re: AW - First fitting (totally WR)

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