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I want to know everyone's opinion on asking your guests to RSVP online. Is it tacky? Too casual? Will everyone know how to do it?
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  • I don't know that I'd say "tacky," but I do think if you have a formal wedding, then online RSVPs are a little too casual. I've received some invitations with online RSVPs, but the weddings were more laid-back/casual and the couples were very into going green and saving on paper.

    If you do the online RSVP, I would have an option for those not comfortable using the Internet (I know our grandparents never get on it). Maybe list a phone number they can call to RSVP instead?

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  • I think it depends on your guest list. 
    Are you having a lot of older people that you are inviting? Would they know how to RSVP online? 

    If you want to save money, I would recommend RSVP postcards to save on postage.
  • Does everyone on your guest list have access to a computer?
  • Our guest list is largely friends (groom doesn't want to invite his extended family) and relatives who, as far as I know, have access to a computer (even my grandpa). I'm not concerned about our guests' ability to RSVP, but how they would accept the request to RSVP online.
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  • we are doing both. Some people will find it a good way to do it right away (yes I have family that would be too lazy to get up and mail a card back to us even though its addressed and stamped) but some people won't do it, will forget or don't want to....we are giving both options.

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  • I'm doing both. Sending mail-back RSVPs to the older guests and technically illiterate folks. I am including a card that has instructions for the RSVP. I can't afford the stamps even if I wanted to have everyone mail them.
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