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Songs to be sung during ceremony

Hi everyone,
Just looking for some ideas of songs that can be sung as a prelude and during the ceremony.. we are not getting married in a Church so we can choose pretty much anything.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!

thank you :)

Re: Songs to be sung during ceremony

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    I really like "To Make You Feel My Love."  It's a Bob Dylan song but is most popular for being sung by Garth Brooks and Adele.   We're using it as our first dance, but I think it would make good prelude music as well.
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    If you find a strings or instrumental version, any song is beautiful for weddings :)

    Try looking up the Vitamin String Quartet. They have strings versions of songs from Coldplay to The Beatles to ACDC to John Mayer. Everything! Unless you know the song, it just sounds like nice instrumental music, but you can still pick songs that have meaning to you.
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    "Only Hope" Mandy Moore
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    Thank you ladies :)

    Avion -  I do know that song by Garth Brooks.. and it is a great song! Definitely will keep that in mind.

    Leisel and Tiffannie - I will definitely be looking those up :)
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    I have been considering using Alicia Key's "Wait Til You See My Smile" because it has a really intense and beautiful drum and strings base while it builds up to the chorus. 
    I'm hoping to find someone else who could give an opinion if this is a good idea or not.

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