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ok. now I'm pissed.

that wedding I'm in? well, the bachelorette party was a couple weeks ago. I just got the "bill." keep in mind, I wasn't asked about any of this stuff.

Hooter's $55.05- food
Walmart $15 - Sangria
Hotel $77
Spencer's (Bachelorette Items) $80.99
Balloons & Streamers $10
Total: $238.04
Cost per person: $59.51

if you're going to buy bachelorette stuff, and you don't consult anyone about it, you pay for it. right? two people planned this, no one asked the rest of us. I'm gonna pay it, but damn. and charging for sangria (that I didn't even drink cause I can't stand)?? really? you had to put that $15 on there, huh?

these chicks suck.
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