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I am looking to rent a banquet hall please. This place should hold at least 250 people. It can be located in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau or Suffolk County. I would prefer if this venue has chairs and table included in the hall rental fee. Please respond to this post if you know of any banquet hall that I can use to hold a reception.

Thanks in advance!

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    What's your budget?  If it's high and the rental of the place isn't so much, then adding tables and chairs is minimal.  What kind of look are you going for and what type of season?  Have you tired the Picnic and Boat Houses in Prospect Park?  The City - there are too many to mention, same with LI (Creek Hollow is a nice venue, to name just one).  Queens I'm not too familar with.

    Check out the venus listed on the Knot - many have been used by knotties and most are highly recommended.  Also try wedding wire and project wedding.
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    ditto the pp. we would need to know a little more about what you're looking for in order to help. there are SOOO many wedding venues. in brooklyn there are lots of italian-style catering calls, especially in Bay Ridge and Bensonshurst. many of them would hold 250.  my venue is Stage 6 at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn, and it can hold up to 600.
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