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Questions about a restaurant booking

My wedding is in 4 weeks in New York. Based on the response from guests, we booked and paid for the restaurant where we will have the reception for 40 people. However, almost half of the people, most if them traveling from overseas for the wedding have informed us in the last couple of days that  they probably will not attend the wedding for different reasons, among them, the fear of the weather in January.
If we then get around 20 or so people for the reception and food was already paid for to the restaurant, is it ok that some people can be served food more than once? or asking th restaurant at the end of the reception to pack the food it was paid for to take with us. The restaurant does not accept cancelations or changes in the booking at this time. We are running on a budget and we do not want to waste our money, but at the same time we do not want to look greedy and horrible. Somebody knows how to proceed in this case?
Thank you.

Re: Questions about a restaurant booking

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    Is there any way you can upgrade some of your selections to seafood or more expensive cuts of meats? Maybe more dessert?
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    Thank you for your great suggestion. We will talk to the restaurant about it. It would be fantastic if they accept it.
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    mcjays suggested a gread idea. In addition that maybe they can pack  and give to homeless shelter or a kitchen pantry. The shelter or pantry would gave to come to pick it up and the restaurant will see where your heart is. That time of year will put many smiles on people faces.

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