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Where to draw the line on the guest list

My FI and I are paying for our entire wedding ourselves and our budget is tiny.  I have 92 immediate family members and my FI has 15, so I made the decision to only invite my aunts and uncles and not their children.  Well, now I have two problems I have  2 aunts who have children under the age of 18- do I invtie just the parents or do I include the children on the invitation (is it okay to invite these cousins when I'm not inviting the other cousins)?  The other issue is that we are inviting all my FI's cousins and children (total of 8 people) and when my mother found out that my FI was "allowed" to invite his cousins, she thinks all my cousins and their children should be included.  I should also add that I am not close to my family, I live several hours away from all of them, so I am completely okay with not inviting them, but I don't want the drama from my mom and one aunt in particular.
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