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Plus Size Bride....In Shape

I was wonder If someone can give me some pointers of how to lose weight the right way for my wedding. I get married next yr October. And i want to look really nice.

Re: Plus Size Bride....In Shape

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    go see a nutritionist and they can put you on a healthy eating lifestyle - don't try any fad diets - they just take off the lbs. quickly but then you gain it all back the minute you get off them.
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    weight watchers and exercise.  Also be realistic.  You don't have to reach your goal to look great on your wedding date.  Losing 10% will make big difference. 
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    If you're really willing to do it, I'd say WW but that takes a lot of willpower. 
    My SIL also had great success on Jenny Craig.  Their food is good but it was too expensive for me at the time.
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    Nutrisystem is a less expensive alternative to Jenny Craig if you want to go the pre-packaged food route.  But, I've done it, and while it works, it doesn't work forever - as soon as you stop eating their food, the weight comes back. 

    I have had the best luck with Weight Watchers and am currently doing it again to loose my baby weight.  It's not a "diet", it's a way of eating, so it's somethign you can always do and keep the weight off.
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    I joined weight watchers and lost 70 lbs.  I went from a size 20 to and 8 in about a year and a half.  Some tips - it may seem easy to follow on your own, but you really do need the weekly meetings.  Just knowing you have to step on the scale and have someone else know your weight is motivation.  If you can get a friend to go with you and turn it into a fun social event, maybe go for coffee after, it won't seem so bad.  Also, the parks department has low-cost gym memberships available at their rec centers - $50 for the WHOLE YEAR! Plus, they offer free and low cost classes.  I'm taking ballroom dancing with my FI to get in shape and get some first dance skills.  Good luck!!!
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