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DOC help (long)

I've already checked out EAP and a few others and they are booked.

As my ceremony and reception are in two different locations (Bklyn and NYC, respectively), I need a duo so there is one person at each location.  I thought I had found someone, but upon receiving the contract and email, both will be at the ceremony site until it starts, which is ridiculous because by then, the reception will have already been done and will leave little time for troubleshooting.  Too bad, because they were only charging $450 for six hours.

I'm even willing to go with someone, with a partner or assistant, just starting off or doesn't have too many weddings under their belt and looking for more business.  My only main criteria, aside from cost, is that I don't want any pictures of our wedding taken and certainly not to be posted online.  I feel there's a lot of false advertising of folks taking credit for things they haven't done.  I've slaved for this day and far be it from me to allow someone else to act as if they did my programs and table numbers.

Any suggestions or recomendations knotties?  You can also PM me as well.  Thanks in advance.

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    I used Katie from Sara Kate Events and she was awesome!  I highly recommend her!!  Her email address is:
    Good luck!!!
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    I also used Katie and she was fantastic. 
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    I just used Rachel Quigley ( for my "big fat gay wedding" and she was a LIFE SAVER. Girl is worth every penny of the $800 I paid her. (She has a full time job and this is what she does on weekends which is why she is so much cheaper than other NYC planners. I was quoted $2400 by someone else! Extortion!) 

    My wedding was on the small side but with some BIG personalities and she made sure everything was perfect and helped transfer the guests between locations, executed some artsy little touches I added last minute, and even coordinated with my partner for a special surprise.

    I think she would be perfect for you because she has an assistant who also has done a ton of weddings so they could each be in one place.

    She felt like my maid of honor but twice as reliable.
    Strongly recomended for any weddings in the NYC area.

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