Please make me feel like I'm not a bad pet parent

Ozzie was supposed to have his billionth follow up appointment on Monday for the Itchy Paw Saga. However, money is super tight right now because of the previous $500 we've spent on said itchy paw, the wedding, etc. We also had a bad experience at the last visit and didn't feel right about this one.

So anyhoo I just called and asked if we could cancel the follow up, because he's already been seen for it 5 times this summer and I know what to do if it gets worse. He's also due for his shots in about 6 weeks, so it's not like the vet couldn't take a look then if there was still a problem.

Well they made me feel guilty about cancelling. I got upset, my voice started to break and I said we couldn't afford it and FI might lose his job. They agreed to cancel the appointment and said to give them a call if anything flares up (which we will).

I just feel like they're judging me right now because I'm not "doing what's best" for my pup. :( I mean, this has been going on since May. I know what to look for and when to call them back. I also have a plethora of meds that we've accumulated this summer to help keep everything at bay.
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