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Inviting co-workers

Hi everyone,

I have a question inviting co-workers.  I teach in a private high school and would love to invite some of my fellow teachers and some of the administration, mainly people I work with a lot outside the teaching day for the musical, mass, etc.  However, with me getting married, I have decided that this will be my last year there because I'll have to move out of town.  They don't know this yet.  I do plan on telling them to give them ample time to find a good replacement band and choir director for next school year.  The wedding will be a couple weeks after the end of the school year, so, when I'm no longer employed by the school.

Even though I'm rather close with some of them (we don't necessarily hang out after school all the time, but I'd still consider them friends), would it be awkward to invite them to my wedding after I've quit working there?  Especially the administrator.

Thoughts?  Opinions? 

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Re: Inviting co-workers

  • I think it's ok to invite co-workers (although I won't be doing so). If you leave on good terms, it should be ok to invite the administrators as well.
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    We opted not to invite co-workers. For us, it was very important to share our wedding day with people who will always be in our lives, not those who we will likely completely lose contact with after 5 or 10 years. So, if I were you, I would consider if you will maintain any sort of relationship with these people once you move, or if you will lose touch with them immediately after your wedding.

    Ultimately, though, your guest list is your decision, and if you are close to these co-workers, you have every right to invite them. Only you can judge your relationships with them. I don't think it would be awkward at all, though, since you've worked with them for some time.
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  • If you are leaving on good terms there is no reason you can't invite the people you want.  If you screamed "I quit", kicked over a couple of chairs, and stormed out of the building then I would say don't invite them. 
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