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Why is your FI/Hubby awesome?

FI is totally into the wedding planning with me.  We are incorporating our personalities into it 100%.  So we sit down to update our budget the other day and he goes and gets his accordian file where he has all wedding stuff filed and perfectly organized.  May sound cheesy, but I found this so dang cute and this is one of many reasons my FI is awesome.   

What's a great quality about your FI/Hubby or something awesome he's done?
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Re: Why is your FI/Hubby awesome?

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    [QUOTE]He works hard and makes money and buys me pretty things. And he's hot.
    Posted by cfaszews25[/QUOTE]

    Yea that ^^^^
  • My fiance is awesome for so many reasons.  I am working and going to grad school, and he knows I'm busy, so he designed the invitations.  He also helped alot with centerpieces, and has been involved in dealing with vendors.  This wedding is just as much his as mine, and we have both put our share of work into it.

    Non-wedding though, he is awesome for getting me a bouquet of pink roses last Sat in honor of my bachelorette party that night.
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  • Ooh, I like this post.

    He makes me feel good about myself. He thinks I'm one of the most intelligent people he's ever met, and he's really intelligent, so coming from him, it means a lot to me. He believes in me more than anyone else ever has. And he also tells me I'm beautiful/hot/sexy etc. on an almost daily basis. He's also really nurturing and I know he's going to make an amazing dad someday, which is so important to me. The way he is with his dog is so sweet and adorable, you would think Tucky was his actual child.
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  • My H thinks I am hot even when I haven't showered, my hair is a mess, and I am wearing overly huge and paint covered sweats.  He is my best friend and we can talk about anything and everything.  He gives amazing foot massages.  He always takes out the trash and cleans the bathrooms.  He can lift heavy things and fix just about anything.  He loves me no matter what.

  • He's a champion pickle jar opener.  Also, his legs. 
  • He's my best friend.
    Calls me beautiful everyday and buys me things/writes cute notes for no reason whatsoever.
    He likes to cook and cooks for us often.
    He loves my cat. 
  • He's very affectionate, we always kiss and say "I love you" when we leave/get home
    He's my best friend
    He's sexy
    He's MINE :)
  • He feeds me really really well.

    He's a neat freak

    He plans and researches things nearly to the point of obsession.
  • My husband killed the copperhead in the laundry room last week, without breaking the tile floor. He texted me today saying he couldn't find the vacuum cleaner. I hadn't asked him to vacuum. He's going back to school in January (majoring in biochemistry), because he wants a better paying job so he can buy my pretty things (his idea, not mine). And he's really great in bed. Like, REALLY great.
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    Since I started this one I think I'll add a little more than he organized our wedding stuff!


    He makes me feel ridiculously loved everyday and is such a positive person in my life.  He makes me laugh and he laughs and my goofy jokes.  He accepts me for who I am.  He is a single father and has raised a wonderful daughter.  He’s a great cook and a great listener.  He knows how to cheer me up when I need it. 


    He's super cute and makes great vodka drinks!

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  • He kills spiders for me. He even wakes up and "kills" the spiders that I dream up.
  • He thinks I am amazing ... he has attended every school function for my son, and every time my son asks for his help or opinion, there is zero hesitation ... he takes out the trash and helps me in the kitchen ... he is kind to me, aware and concerned about my day and my reactions (I bury a LOT and most men wouldn't notice) ... and he lets me fall asleep on his chest.
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  • He's my rock. Whenever I feel so stressed out that I'm sure I'm just going to lose it, he's there to calm me down, support me, and cuddle me. He's affectionate, loving. He cooks with me, cleans with me, and makes up silly songs with me.
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  • Umm he's awesome? He walked my dogs when I am at work, all 4 of them. He does not even like dogs.

    He packs my lunch. Does laundry. And shovels puppy poop because he only works 1 job and I work 2 and go to school.

    Plus, he has been applying to jobs and is going back to school this fall to get a better paying job so I can drop down to part time and just focus on school.
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    [QUOTE]Muni, you totally forgot about one of his favorite hobbies.  BEER, hello?
    Posted by crfb87[/QUOTE]

    True.  That's also the reason YOU love my husband.

    ...I need to buy some bubble wrap so I can mail some beer before tuesday.
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    [QUOTE]He's got a nice ass. He makes me laugh. He's responsible and down to earth and knows me better than anyone. <strong>But mainly the ass.</strong>
    Posted by rachers1017[/QUOTE]

    Same here. H's ass seriously looks like MichaelAngelo carved it out of marble. It's hot

    H also has gorgeous eye and he's a total sweetheart. We also have similar life goals.  I also love that he doesn't have back hair or more than 6 hairs on his chest. I'm not into the Sasquatch look.
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  • He rubs my feet every Saturday when he gets home from working all day/night. He opens the car door for me, always. He puts my needs above his own, and is grateful that I do the same for him. He won't leave or get off the phone with me without saying "I love you." He makes me laugh all the time. He's selfless, kind, and everyone's best friend. He really makes me strive to be a better person. He takes the garbage out, does his own laundry, tells me I'm beautiful. He works his ass off to provide for us. And he's a hottie.
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  • He loves me no matter what. He supports me emotionally, spritually, and in every other way. He works hard, wants to be a good husband and father. He is caring. We can talk about anything. We love just being together and being home together. We are best friends. I couldnt picture my life without him. He cant picture his life without me. Funny when we started planning he could wait for the wedding. Now we both say we cant wait for the day. Oh and he got up and made me coffee this morning before he left for work.
  • My FI is awesome because he thinks of the little things!  I am in school and I work full time, sometimes when I have to work late on hw he will make my lunch for the next day or rub my shoulders or even clean the bathroom (or whatever else needs to be done!).  He anticipates my needs, and we are a great team!  I am sooo in love with him!  He is the best!  I am one lucky girl!!!
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  • Aww I like this post!

    He's the yin to my yang (or the other way around, I don't know).  He's the complete opposite in all the right ways- he's calm, affectionate, and rational.  But he's also the same as me in the right ways- he's responsible, super honest, reliable, and hard-working.  And he's hot.

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  • My FI is awesome because he's crazy in love with me.  No matter what, he's there supporting me.  He knows me better than anybody and lets me talk his ear off when I need to just blab about my day.  He sends me cute text messages throughout the day so I know he's thinking about me.  He's so cute when he smiles and he has a special smile just for me.  He drives over two hours nearly every weekend to spend time with me and is looking for a new job near me so we won't have to be long distance for too much longer...  I have no idea how I managed to find such a good catch!
  • He has an excellent taste in women ;)
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  • My FI is awesome because he can read me like a book. I swear he almost knows me better than I know myself. He's smart and caring. He's there for me no matter what; watches chick flicks with me (more often than not haha); and broadened my horizons about so many things.  He makes me want to be a better person, makes me laugh and makes me feel beautiful every day. I'm a lucky, lucky woman!
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  • Last night I missed my train home and was meeting my best friend at our apartment.  He let my friend in, offered her a drink, and generally played "hostess".  Then, while I was out at the wedding show, he did laundry. 

    Also, I have my suspicions that he is Macgyver's long lost brother.  He fixed my necklace chain and is constantly inventing things.
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  • He's so good to me.  He gives me massages and combs my hair because he knows I love it.  He went to school to be a chef (isn't one though), so I reap the benefits of his magnificent cooking skills.  He's thoughtful and kind and caring.  He makes me laugh.  He's always thinking of how he can make my life easier.  He's such a sweetheart.  And he loves my cats that he is allergic to (even the super sassy one).
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  • My FI is awesome because he tells me everyday he loves me and that I'm beautiful even when I feel like a hot mess. He puts me before the world, supports and encourages me. He cleans, laundry, dishes an all. He does things for me that he can't even begin to fathom why I would want it.
    He has opened my eyes to new experiences and been open to new himself. We have fun together, we work hard to play hard.
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    [QUOTE]His wangalang.
    Posted by lbarr088[/QUOTE]

    LOL. yes.

    I mostly love my H because he puts up with every little BSC thing I do and say. And he makes me laugh alot. He's great.
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    He is probably the hardest working person I have ever met. He is determined and very intelligent. He treats me better than anyone has treated me before, he is affectionate and tells me he loves me everytime he leaves the house or gets off the phone with me and that im beautiful. I love that he's emotional and isnt ashamed about it, he also puts up with my quirks and loves me for it. He is going to make an amazing father, just watching him with the puppies, I love that he wants kids. The biggest kicker, I went through some really hard times with my parents and while most guys would have fun he was there for me the entire time even though we had just started dating. He's literally been there for me through thick and thin. He's really hot too. And he buys me lots of pretty things.

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  • He's smart, educated, funny, shares almost all the same interests, wants the same things out of life, cooks, cleans, does laundry, extremely thoughtful and affectionate, he's hot as hell, and we have a ton of fun together.
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