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you know who I hate?


Re: you know who I hate?

  • sucrets, that's the best damn game idea I've heard in a long time.
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    [QUOTE]this times 100!  The only time I have EVER left cart and ran was when there was cheese cake square samples... and I think we all can agree that this was completely justified.
    Posted by TheSaltyPeanut[/QUOTE]
    The trick is to not go unaccompanied so that one person can continue walking with the cart while the other grabs samples. Some people just dont know proper costco sample taking etiquette!!!
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    [QUOTE]sucrets, that's the best damn game idea I've heard in a long time.
    Posted by laladypoet[/QUOTE]

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  • I hate people who pretend to be your friend and then talk behind your back.
    I also hate people who drive slow in the fast lane.
  • Born again Christians also have such a persecution complex, don't you think?

    Capri - I saw a woman driving a mini van with bumper stickers today, smoking a cigarette (it's too cold to have your window down!). I judged her for smoking and obviously having kids.
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  • ac, You are right. Christianity does allow deathbed conversions, but it is not simply a matter of saying my bad. It is a matter of the heart. Like someone said earlier, God can judge the heart and soul of a person. He won't just forgive a murderer. They have to truly be sorry in their heart. Just because someone heartlessly kills a man and then wants to go to heaven says sorry, doesn't mean that they automatically receive forgiveness. They have to mean it and humbly ask for forgiveness, not just feel bad so they go for it. 
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