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So, I've ruined my daugher's life. (LJ vent)


Re: So, I've ruined my daugher's life. (LJ vent)

  • She's probably just mad that she didn't get the alchohol part of the birthday, and can't admit that to you, and is just lashing out in other ways to make up for it.

    You offered to not only let her have the party at home, but to go pick up all the friends, let them stay the night, AND find a way for them to have fun?? You're being a totally awesome mom! Let her vent it out, keep the option open for a birthday party at YOUR house, at any time, and maybe when she cools off and stopsfeeling sorry for herself and a sober party, she'll realize how lucky she is to have a mom who cares. (Unlike her friends's parents, apparently.)

    #1: Don't feel guilty for being generous in a way she doesn't appreciate. That's her problem, and she's old enough to know that.
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