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Give me your best advice!

Hey Knotties,

I am back with a question for the magazine. Tell me:

What is your best wedding tip or secret? We want secrets from our Knotties that you might tell a new bride and something that they might not get from anywhere else. Maybe it’s to choose wedding colors that you’ll love in your home so that you can repurpose some of your wedding décor. Or maybe it’s to join the message boards! 

Spill your best secrets below and thanks in advance. Your advice is always priceless!

Knot Annie

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Re: Give me your best advice!

  • jayjoejayjoe member
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    I get crazy with this kind of stuff:
    Keep in mind that your bridesmaids are friends and family and NOT SLAVES. They dont have to do anything but show up.

    YOU are not wearing the bridesmaids dress. Keep all of their shapes in mind. This is coming from a big chested girl who has been stuck in more strapless dresses than i can count. Nothing ruins a good time like being uncomfortable. I spent way too many weddings sitting at a table all night. Not cool.

    No one but you will remember your favor/invitation/centerpiece. Dont throw away money on them.

    The biggest tip: If you want control over the day DO NOT ACCEPT money from anyone!!
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    Don't fret over small details like the cake not matching your dress or being served the wrong food: by the end of the day, and five years from now nobody will remember. They'll just remember how magnificent you look!
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