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Reception Only, what to wear?


Re: Reception Only, what to wear?

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    [QUOTE]White is the color associated with purity and innocence. Yes, I also know that wealthy brides began favoring it after Queen Victoria wore white (who started the tradition). Anyway, some brides get married for the first time in short dresses so I don't get how that would make it look like it's not a redo. The length and style depends on the formality of the party. My opinion is that there are more appropriate options but if she wants to wear a white dress then fine.
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    Only in modern times. Historically, blue represents purity (Virgin Mary)

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    [QUOTE]I'm sorry, but I think it's terribly insensitive of someone to tell you you can't have a reception a year later. Her husband serves his country, a sacrafice that few of us can understand. Yes, there are many people in the military and many of them have normal ceremonies and receptions, but it doesn't always work that way. I just simply can't say, "no you can't wear a huge ball gown and have a normal recpetion because you wanted to marry the father of your child before he went back to serve his country." Do what you feel is right for you and your husband. You both deserve it.
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    Go ask those of us who have spouses who serve this country... most of us disagree with the 'Pretty Princess Day' vow renewal, too.  No one is forced to get married in a rush - they choose to do that typically so they can make more money during the deployment and have health insurance. 

    She already asked this on the MB board:

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