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Out Of State Wedding/Momzilla

Okay, I'm reaching out because I'm about to blow a gasket!! My fiance and I are originally from Michigan but relocated to Chicago about a year ago. We initially were going to have our Wedding back home but after visiting a place downtown we fell in love and would ideally love to have it there.  The problem is Mom had a 'meltdown" after I told her this then she told her sisters who all gave rolling eye's about how expensive it is going to be and that it is 6hrs away and everyone is broke!  As you can imagine this was a total buzz kill.  She also pointed out she would like all of her siblings to be there to celebrate. I personally am close with a handful of relatives who I absolutely have to have there. My guest list started at 236 (that was only immediate family & close friends) and with a wedding here we could easily make it manageable with 120 people (estimating a good chunk lwon't come). Let me point out that NO ONE is contributing to the Reception, we are on our own. Actually we are paying for 95% of our wedding.
Obviously Mommy's guilt has made me feel bad, and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings however I know the people I want there will be there no matter what the rest I can live without being there. What should I do???
Also, is it proper etiquette to pay for our bridal parties hotel expenses for the two days they would be required to be in Chicago?
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