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Single guests invite (plus 1?)

Ok I am all for inviting guests and if they are in a relationship letting them bring their S/O even if neither I or my FI has met them but what about single friends... how do you word the invite and RSVP do you allow them to bring a "date"? and if you are just inviting them how do you word that on the invite? is it rude to not let them bring a random date or is it assumed ok?

Re: Single guests invite (plus 1?)

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    If you are allowing a guest a date, on the inner envelope (or the outer if you don't have inner envelopes) write "SoAndSo & Guest". If you don't want to allow a single guest a date, just leave off the "& Guest" part.  If they are unsure, hopefully they will ask you.

    Generally it's considered acceptable to invite single guests without dates, but it's not very nice if your single guests won't know many other people at the wedding.
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    It's OK.  Just write their name on the envelope without "and guest".  I personally am in the camp that if you can afford it to let them bring a guest though, especially if they have to travel or won't know anyone else that it's a really nice thing to do.
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